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Art Nouveau Fireplace
[Art Nouveau fireplace]

[Art Nouveau fireplace]

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[Art Nouveau]

This mantelpiece surround was designed and built as part of an entire suite of furnishings for a 'Great Room' in a home on the Gulf of Mexico. The property borders a bird sanctuary, and the designers could not ignore the splendor of the birds and flowers in their natural habitat adjacent to and visible from the room itself. The marquetry design installed on this mantelpiece reflects the landscape, birds and flowers in the surrounding environment, and serves as a bridge between the interior and exterior spaces.

The marquetry installation was drawn and cut from over twenty different woods to match the color, tone and grain of the trees, plants, pelicans, herons, and roseate spoonbills it illustrates. While we do not repair or replicate the marquetry designs of other artisans, we are happy to create a unique image or landscape in marquetry or parquetry as part of a special project or piece of furniture.